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All about Briiiii

I have the most fun when I'm building something challenging and creative; whether that be via coding, designing, painting, writing, doodling, or embroidering.

Developer Stuff:

  • Semantic and accessible HTML
  • Cross browser and dynamic content friendly CSS
  • Mobile and Responsive Design
  • Web / Component Systems
  • SVG Animation
  • JavaScript
  • WebGL (Three.js, p5.js)
  • JavaScript Animation Libraries (GSAP, Anime.js)
  • CMS Integration (Contentful, Shopify, Siteleaf)
  • Static Site Generators (11ty, NextJS, GatsbyJS,)

Designer Stuff:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Figma
  • SVG exports

People Stuff:

  • I love collaborating with designers and other engineers since getting the app up, running, and alive is a real dance.
  • I love growing and learning.
  • Positive thinking wins the race, oh, and going slow.

When I’m not coding, I’m running after my toddler daughter and furbaby corgi, Daisy Pumpkins, helping out with my husband’s and my winery Hoqeutus, writing, baking pies and cakes and cookies from the queen, attempting to renovate a wallpaper-filled-haunted-house from 1899, drinking a glass of wine with my husband, or reading a mystery or Sally Rooney novel*.

* : When I can

If you’d like to say hi, you can reach me at